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El Shaddai Ministries
Jim and Charlene Gates-Phillips

El Shaddai Ministries is a spirit-filled ministry committed to bringing forth the truth of God's word through a Hebraic perspective, with signs, wonders and supernatural power and demonstration by the Holy Ghost!  Where the Spirit of God is, there is liberty!


El Shaddai Ministries, founded in 2000, continues to spread the gospel through teaching conferences, healing crusades, and outreaches.  Passover has been the most popular event in the year.  Messianic and Revivalist speakers have blessed and challenged the church to return to their Hebraic Heritage and seek an intimate relationship with Yeshua.   As always, personal ministry takes place and healings and deliverances are the norm. (some past speakers:  Sid Roth, Gwen Shaw, John Garr, Richard Booker, Curry Blake, Derek Kuhn, Rabbi Michael Zeitler, Jimmie Black and more) 


Charlene Gates-Phillips, was saved and delivered from an alcohol addiction in 1981 at Jimmy Swaggart's church in Baton Rouge, where she was born and raised.  She with her late husband, Bobby Gates, served in ministries in and out of the church, i.e., as pastors, teachers, worship leaders, altar workers, right to life president, and in the radio ministry.   They owned and operated several Christian bookstores in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, Branson, Missouri, Marriana, Florida and Berryville, Arkansas  throughout the past twenty years. 

 In 1998, the Lord gave her,  a new vision -- one of preaching/teaching the Word through a Hebraic perspective; therefore, hosting many anointed meetings with well known evangelists and Jewish Roots scholars.  She's been to Israel with the Endtime Handmaidens & Servants. While on a 21 day fast to join the ETHs, at the Brownsville Revival she had an open vision.  In the worship service, she ascended three stairs, opened a door and stepped out into outer space, where everything was black with a few shinning stars.  As she began to fall, an angel swooped down and picked her up and flew out to the edge of the universe where a beautiful glowing city sat.  It was Jerusalem!  The city of our King!  After that vision, she knew  she was to go there.   

They opened the first John G. Lake, healing room in NW Arkansas  and helped many others to step out in their own ministry.   She also authored a cookbook entitled,  "Kosher Cooking for Christians...Ov Vey"  with recipes from ministry friends.   Charlene is a graduate of Shalom Bible College and Seminary and ordained by International Minister's Forum, Dayton, Ohio.  Since 1998, she has been a member of the Endtime Handmaidens and Servants, founded by the late Sister Gwen Shaw.  After Bobby died, Margo and Charlene began the Arkansas Ladies of Faith brunch, and Charlene moved her store from her garage to a space in Berryville.  Some of you may know Charlene from The Gathering Place, an inspirational book and gift store in Berryville, Arkansas; however, she closed it after marrying Jim Phillips in July, 2010 and moving to Vilonia, Arkansas to live with her husband.  Jim has served in the church throughout the years as a choir leader and teacher.  He has an awesome voice as you can hear him on their first CD together.  Together they make a powerful team!  The Phillips recently made a CD, entitled, "Nobody Loves Me Like You Do", which song they sang at their wedding reception. 




Rev. Charlene Lyons Gates, B. Min.

(ordained licensed minister since 1998 by

 International Minister's Forum in Dayton, Ohio)

Bachelor of Ministries Degree
Class of 2003

"Anchors of Hope"
--  Hebrews 6:19

Shalom Bible College and Seminary

4007 High Street

West Des Moines, Iowa 50265

(515) 225-6651  shlom77@juno.com


*PASTOR DORIS SWARTZ of Dayton, Ohio is the primary leader of United Christian Center (founded in 1970), and the President of International Ministers� Forum, her network of Christian leaders, founded in the early 1950s by Pastor Louise Copeland.  This Network has over 100 churches and 1,000 ministers worldwide. Their vision is to spread the Good News of the Gospel throughout the nations of the earth. 

Pastor Doris Swartz, PO Box 1717, Dayton, Ohio 45401 (Sister Doris went to Heaven this past year)
Church phone: 937.228.1717

Jim,Uncle Robert, Charlene
Uncle Robert (middle) 100 yrs. old Dec.17th