The Phillips invite you to come every Saturday to their services presently held at their home at the address above.   It begins at 2pm and there's always a potluck afterwards and great fellowship.  Special speakers are invited every month with the Phillips ministering regularly.  El Shaddai Ministries,  Inc., a 501(c)3 church, was founded in 2000 by Sister Phillips and has raised up many to go out on their own to minister with healing rooms, Messianic teachers, etc.  In past years, El Shaddai has been involved in radio, healing rooms, women' ministry, hosting evangelists, and tthey did missionary work in Panama for the past two years. At present, there are eight ministers ordained by El Shaddai Ministries.  Presently, this ministry is helping to support a church in Panama that feeds 200 people each week and people in our community as needs arise.